Fun with Computers

So, yesterday morning I press the button to start my MacPro and I'm greeted by an ominous looking grey screen with a disk utility window! The question it posed: how do you want to restore your boot drive? 

After catching my breath I decided to try a restart instead . . . Drum roll please . . . Same result, that nasty looking grey screen.

I do adhere to the adage; "if it's digital it doesn't exist unless it exists in three different places." I do have, almost all of my important stuff backed up, but there were some things that I needed that would be lost.

Not wanting to proceed without some investigation. I get ready to leave and decide to try one more time. Turn on the old MacPro and viola!, it boots up. 

I was able to  copy what I needed and went out and purchased a new hard drive to install. 

Hopefully, once installed, this will be the end of this excellent adventure in computing.

The moral of this story: back-up, back-up, back-up!

Chasin Mason

With a new CD on the way there is a lot of excitement surrounding the band this fall. 


Below are a few shots from the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary event at Wisconsin Harley Davidson in Oconomowoc. Wisconsin.



This young lady was brought on stage for a duet.